At Whitman we have created uniqueness in our industry by establishing a customer oriented culture, delivering outstanding customer service, empowering our employees, maintaining teamwork and continuing education as part of our company’s regular life.

Experienced–we build community. We are trusted to clean the most prestigious companies in the Puget Sound region in addition to unique local and regional business. We bring a diverse mix of both commercial and residential services that are ideal to the local community. Each and every one of our clients is important to us.

Innovative –we build relationships. We carefully evaluate what it takes to create strong and meaningful relationships with our customers. Simply stated, our goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and our work is 100% guaranteed. We are confident in achieving this goal due to the commitment of our employees as we build their future through the success of the company.

Entrepreneurial –we build business. Our team has manufactured a full line of products under our own label that are environmentally friendly and non toxic. Most of our products are so safe you could drink them. With our cleaning process, there is no after clean odor. A Whitman clean will give your home the advantage- clean carpets and floors, clean air and a Green Clean environment. With Whitman, you can see and breathe the difference



Lottie has grown up in the carpet cleaning business, she works with customers and employees to ensure our experience and quality standards are continuously met; she is also our resident rental mat specialist. With a focus on technology and the environment in college, Lottie has a wide variety of knowledge to share with our clients.  She is also a credentialed Facility Management Administrator (FMA).

DAVID WHITMAN, Board Chairman, Territory Manager.

David has over 30 years of industry experience. He has taught carpet and upholstery cleaning techniques nationwide. In addition, he has written a book for a national company and made two training films for other companies so they can use his expertise to train their employees. David is considered one of the leading experts in the industry.